Our Mission

Bellissima Productions is a home for passionate, collaborative artists and seeks to educate members towards self-exploration involving all diverse talents and abilities. The company engages and challenges audiences with unique, dynamic theatrical productions by bringing new voices to the forefront.

We strive for artistic excellence, putting detail, attention, and intention into everything we do, onstage and off.

Embodying our honest selves permeates into more honest characterization and expression of production vision.

Creating an environment that is open, flexible, sharing, and supportive, allowing for all roles to contribute their skills to each production. We foster a culture of respect on and off stage and between our audiences. We recognize that no production would be possible without every party.

Cura Personalis
We are rooted in this Latin phrase that translates as “care for the entire person.” The belief that our talents, abilities, physical attributes, personalities, desires, hearts, faiths, and minds are equally worthy of care and attention.

Being bold, taking chances, questioning the status quo, and putting a sense of adventure into every production. As humanity evolves, so should art. We make efforts to capture both and grow alongside them.

We value being lifelong learners. We aspire to create opportunities to learn about the human condition through the art of theatre. All those connected to our company should be invested in the educational process and growing in our knowledge of theatre and the human experience.

Being invested and bringing positive, dedicated energy to each production process.

More information on previous and upcoming company productions can be found here.

Thank you for your interest and support!